Frequently Asked Questions


How can I save money using CITYMAIL?

For starters: POSTAGE and LISTS. This is the biggest pitfall of direct mail marketing. A poor list and high postage costs can run you ragged when it comes to expenses. Let us take a look at what you are trying to achieve and we will show you the cheapest way to do so. You may be shelling out all of your funds because you are sending all your parcels USPS Priority when you could be saving hundreds!

I'm a nonprofit, how can I save more?

Nonprofit Organizations (whether it be in Boston, Massachusetts, or even all the way on the West Coast) qualify for some steep postage discounts being able to bring piece price down to 12 cents in some cases! As a non-profit organization you must be authorized as a 501c3 with the post office- this will ensure you receive these incredible savings—and that’s just the beginning.

So how do I become 501c3 certified as a nonprofit organization?

Nonprofit mailings have always been our specialty, which is why we’re here to walk you through the entire process of getting your mailing out at the best prices. We’ve been through the 501c3 process with clients many times before and we’d be happy to help you get certified step-by-step as well!

What is barcoding?

CITYMAIL deals in bulk mail. A LOT of bulk mail. So with quantity comes barcoding. Our advanced software is able to apply a Intelligent Mail Barcode to the piece being mailed (this is called Presorting)which in return speeds up delivery and cuts postage costs. EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) takes that a step father making it even more affordable (and specific) to target a specific zip-code or area.

Do I need a mailing permit?

Technically when it comes to direct mail marketing you do NOT need a permit. In most cases you can just use one of ours. For Presorted Standard mail (over 200 pieces) you could apply a permit, For Straight First Class (over 200 pieces) you could apply a permit and for Presort First Class mail (over 500 pieces) you could apply a permit. Permit numbers, authorization numbers, fee’s etc… It can become overwhelming. Give us a call and we would be more than happy to fully explain permit numbers and if you could benefit from using one for your next direct mail marketing campaign!

What size Postcard is easiest to mail?

A small postcard (4x6) can be mailed for only 28¢ postage whereas one designed too large may cost 60¢ postage. Call us before you print!

How should I submit my mailing lists?

Excel is preferred but we can work with most programs. Try to avoid labels as they will delay mailing and usually increase postage.

How should I submit my artwork?

Send design files to

If your design is complete:

  • Send it as a PDF file (front and back should be on their own separate pages)

  • No crop marks

  • Extend art for bleeds 1/8” beyond edges

If you have images you’d like us to use:

  • Send as JPEG or PNG files

  • Should be high-quality images (300dpi or more)

Sending your logo:

  • Please have a high quality PNG format file available with no background

Sending text:

  • You can simply enter text into the body of an e-mail or send as a word file

  • Text doesn’t have to be perfect—we’ll do a final review for grammar and typos

Remember, we’ll always send a final proof for your approval before printing your design.

How do I set up my piece for mailing?

USPS regulations have gotten stricter in the last 5 years. Show us a proof before you go to press and avoid paying extra postage. We have a USPS template that we use for all mail pieces ensuring that the address box, indicia placement, barcode etc. is all abiding by USPS regulations.

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