Why Choose CITYMAIL?

Servicing Boston, New England, and beyond—CITYMAIL is an all-in-one direct mail marketing and fulfillment service.

We pride ourselves on 30 years of family-run mailing expertise! With our knowledge you can rest assured that your direct mail marketing campaign is in good hands from start to finish. From effective targeted mailing lists, to order fulfillment on any scale, to getting you the lowest postage possible on your mailing—our comprehensive, customized services fit your needs. It all starts with a conversation. So contact the mailing experts today!



What’s Our Process?

There are several steps along the way to getting your perfect direct mail piece into the right hands. You can come to CITYMAIL at any point in your process to get a customized quote to fit your specific needs. Already have a list, or need yours cleaned? Have a design ready to print or just an idea? Even if you’re not quite sure where to begin, but you’re curious about how direct mail can work for you—all we want is the opportunity to offer you our support!

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“Whether you’re a nonprofit, small business, independent crafter, or a large company in need of more outlets--order fulfillment service is or will most likely become a part of your process.”

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Whether you simply have questions regarding a future direct mail marketing or fulfillment project, or you’re ready to get rolling with a free quote— fill out the form and start a conversation with Boston’s Direct Mail Experts today!



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