Why Direct Mail is the Most Successful Political Campaign Marketing Method

We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating:

Voters report that direct mail is the most effective tool in helping them decide their vote. This is probably true for several reasons:

1). Direct mail is considered the most credible form of campaign advertising.

Political campaign TV ads, though the second most effective method, are costly and provide a very small window in which to get your message across. Viewers are not always certain who is behind them and are likely to move on swiftly to the next program or ad once yours is over. Meanwhile, online campaign ads run the risk of getting lost in the the overwhelming noise of the internet. Your message can be overlooked, watered down, or even questioned as legitimate. Text messages, e-mails and phone calls also run the risk of becoming lost in that they are often seen as “junk” and quickly deleted or ignored.

2). Direct mail provides a tangible piece of campaign marketing—and there’s a whole psychology as to why having something you can hold makes a bigger impact.

There are a lot of sound bytes thrown around in political campaigning, a lot of TV appearances, radio ads, world-of-mouth, even canvassing door-to-door. But direct mail provides something all other methods of campaign marketing don’t: something voters can physically touch and keep. Studies in marketing have shown that 56% of consumers still seek out something they can touch when deciding whether or not to buy something. Think of yourself as the product in this case. Direct mail is the only marketing tool that can take advantage of physically putting your message into the voter’s hands.

3). Recipients of your political campaign direct mailing are impacted several times by one simple piece of mail for a greater duration.

The first time they view your mailing, they may be meeting you for the very first time! After that, your mailing can be re-read and saved, available to refer back to as election day approaches and other political opponents make themselves known. Unlike the fleeting sight of a roadside sign, your piece of direct mail is in it for the long run.

The most intelligent approach to any marketing campaign is to compete on all fronts.

But reports about the effectiveness of direct mail for political campaigns indicate that this method is booming—particularly with millennials—and therefore deserves much of your campaign team’s marketing attention.

How does direct mail work for my political campaign?

Whether you’re running for Massachusetts State Senate or Lowell Selectman, Mayor of Lawrence or Sheriff of Springfield—direct mail can reach your preferred audience with an effective targeted mailing list. That means you don’t waste money advertising outside your district, desired region, or even by reaching demographics with which you feel you are already popular.

There are many options for your direct mail political campaign.

This gives your campaign marketing team a lot of freedom when it comes to deciding how to deliver your message. Because different mail pieces will have different levels of affordability and can be mailed out quickly, you have many options not just for one introductory mailing—but to continue to remind voters about your campaign and comment on political events throughout election season.

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