Mailing Postcards: 6 Ways to Use This Popular Marketing Tool

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E-mail marketing campaign not cutting it? Not seeing enough results from your website alone? Direct mail is STILL more effective.

Among direct mail campaigns, the postcard reigns supreme. There are endless possibilities for how to use this simple tool to market your business through mail!

Here are some common ways to use direct mail postcards:

1). Get New Customers:

We love our loyal customers, but part of growing a business is making sure new people get in the door as well. Using a mail postcard to get new clients is one of the most common ways they are used. CITYMAIL can get you a mailing list of your target area and demographic and send out an eye-catching postcard letting potential clients know you’re there!

2). Special Announcements:

Use your mail postcard to let clients know when your business is undergoing some changes. For example, let customers know you’re changing location, or tell them when you’re offering a new service. Not only will they appreciate the heads up, it will reinstate your business in the minds of customers who have been absent for a while. Mailing this type of postcard for real estate brokers can be especially effective to let potential buyers know when there are new listings available in their area.

3). Promotional Postcards:

Having a sale or creating a special offer is one way to create more traffic for your business. However, this marketing strategy is only effective if as many people as possible know about it! Maybe you’ve noticed that your business in Brookline is getting few customers from the North Shore. Or that your place in Chelsea doesn’t see enough business from Downtown Boston. How can you convince your target demographic to make it to your business? A sale or promotional postcard is great incentive!

4). Redeemable Postcards:

Not only can your mail postcard inform customers of a promotion, but it can also be a part of it. Adding a special code or gift card with your direct mailing is one way to extend a warm welcome. Having a tangible, redeemable offer in the form of a postcard will add extra incentive and excitement to visiting your business. It may even be the extra push your potential customers need to get out of their comfort zone or try a service they have not tried before.

5). Call to Action:

Whether you’re a nonprofit organization, a politician, an art gallery, a museum, a researcher, or a neighborhood group, a postcard can be an effective way to issue a call to action. You may need volunteers, donations, research participants, or simply want to inform residents of your political campaign and encourage them to vote. If you’re a youth organization, you can send a postcard informing families about your summer activities schedule. Art galleries or museums can let residents know when there is an event happening which they may be interested in. When you want to get people in your neighborhood moving, consider getting them energized with a postcard mailing!

6). Thank You Postcards:

Show loyal customers that you appreciate their business. At Christmas, Thanksgiving, or your business anniversary, why not take the opportunity to let customers know just how much you appreciate their patronage? Send them a postcard to thank them and/or wish them a happy holiday! This type of mail postcard is especially important for nonprofits. After your appeals are met with generous participation or donation, make sure to thank your benefactors in style with a postcard mailing!

Ready to get started?

CITYMAIL can provide the best rates and high-quality printing for your postcard mailing.

All we need is:

  • Your desired target audience - got your own list already? That’s great!

  • What you’d like your postcard to look like - if you’ve already get a design, send that PDF on over

  • What you’d like your postcard to say

  • Sizing

  • Quantity

    For any further questions, we’d be happy to chat about the best options for your postcard mailing!

    Give us a call at 617-561-0800 today!

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