How to Utilize Direct Mail for Your Political Campaign

Direct mail should never be underestimated, but especially when it comes to marketing your political campaign.

Voters report that direct mail is the most effective tool in helping them decide their vote. Therefore, it should be of sizable consideration as you plan your campaign strategy.

Here are some helpful tips to get you started on your political campaign mailing:


Find Your Style

Make yourself known instantly with a consistent message & style for all your campaign materials

Being consistent with your message is clearly important. Being consistent with your logo, fonts and color choices is important, too.

Make sure your materials all match the style and feel of your campaign and keep them consistent. This ensures that you are recognizable in multiple ways other than just your name or face.

Once you think you’ve nailed down your style, use a test audience of friends, colleagues or relatives to help you decide on the final product. Your mailing and materials should be easy to pick out from the bunch as uniquely yours.


Make an Effective Introduction

This is a no brainer, but nonetheless…

You’ve spent your entire life developing your political ideas. Your first piece of direct mail—whether it be a leaflet, flier, postcard or brochure, is your chance to get it all out there in one fell swoop.

This is your at-a-glance chance to make an impact just incase the viewer never looks at it again.

Put it in full-color and include personable images and maybe even an infographic or two (check out this article on how to make effective infographics).

Your piece of mail should be easy to read with clear titles and subtitles that can be referred back to later. If you oversaturate it with small text and too many intricate points, you may lose your audience.

Bunch of Mail.jpg

Don’t Settle for One Type of Mail Media

There are Many Types of Direct mail to choose from. PIck the right one for the occasion.

Brochures, leaflets, and other long-hand forms of direct mail give an impactful and informative overview of what you stand for. They’re useful in providing a more thorough idea of who you are to voters. Tell them what your stance on hot issues are, as well as some professional background and other key points that will show them why you’re the candidate who deserves to be elected.

Postcards are a super cost-effective piece of direct mail. They’re a great way to make a quick impression. Include your image, your logo and some key bullet points about your campaign. Because they’re so affordable and have such a quick turnaround, you should also consider using them throughout your campaign for quick updates.

Letters and Mail Merges can be used when you want to say thank you to supporters or introduce yourself as a candidate in a more formal manner. Mail merges (repeating the name on the envelope at points within the letter itself) add a thoughtful touch to your mailing. Consider using you direct mailer’s fulfillment services to send along some personalized swag as an extra thank you to donors and supporters!

Invitations and fliers are great for when you need to drum up support for an upcoming live appearance or event. Whether it’s a rally, a speaking event, a fundraiser or a debate—make sure you’ve got a great attendance from your pool of voters so they can see you in action.


Throw in Some Swag

a direct mail and fulfillment center can individualize your mailings to send free gifts to your supporters. (Yay extra advertisement!)

Take the opportunity to get your audience pumped about your campaign. Include some simple swag like a button or sticker to help get your supporters fired up. Once they’ve read about you (and fallen in love with your political message, of course) they’ll want to share their enthusiasm.

Consider different levels of swag for different levels of support.

A direct mailer and fulfillment center will be able to store your product and individualize your mailings to send these out as gifts to people who have donated to your campaign or shown interest in you as a candidate.

It’s another great opportunity to advertise, so don’t miss it!


Stay on Top of Political Events

Stay ahead of the buzz with informative direct mail on your viewpoint regarding current events

When you send a piece of direct mail piece in response to current events, you can stay on top of people’s assumptions or questions they may have about your viewpoint on issues in the news.

A professional direct mailer can usually get your piece of mail out in a matter of days (depending on how complicated it is) thus ensuring that you stay connected with your audience as the political climate changes.

For the most successful political mailing possible, trust a professional direct mail and fulfillment center like CITYMAIL with your campaign!

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