In a World of Screens, Does Direct Mail Really Work?

With the dawning of the digital age, there was an eerie feeling floating around that tangible marketing like direct mail would go the way of the dinosaur. Well, if they meant that in terms of how dinosaurs continue to be awesome, they were correct.

There is a ton of data out there to support the effectiveness of direct mail, but there are a few stats you may find surprising.

Direct mail continues to be a marketing force to be reckoned with!

Oh, you thought the internet was the 21st century answer to modern marketing?

An understandable assumption. EXCEPT that for several key reasons, customers don’t respond to it as well as they do with direct mail. Furthermore, if you’re not getting the online response you’d hoped for, direct mail marketing can actually help boost your clicks!

Consumers Who Receive Direct Mail Tend to Take Action Online That They May Not Have Otherwise.

Web Stats Graphic.png

And what about cracking into the Millenial market? According to the US Census Bureau, Millenials make up about 35% (that’s over a THIRD) of the American labor force, meaning their importance should absolutely NOT be overlooked when planning your marketing strategy.

But would Millenials really respond to a piece of direct mail when they’re bombarded with so much tech-based marketing every day?

You betcha.

As It Turns Out, the Millenial Response to Direct Mail is, well, Fantastic!

Milenial Stats.png

If I may offer my personal perspective as a card-carrying Millenial: I’d say we’re more likely to respond to direct mail for the very reason that in a world of screens and flashes of intangible information, there’s something really unique about receiving a personal, real piece of mail. Before I even got into the mail game, I loved flipping through my mail and seeing a special offer just for me. I almost always use or save nice mail pieces, too!

And that sentiment is backed up across generations—


It makes us feel warm and fuzzy about what we do when we think about all the people our bulk mailings will reach!

A multi-pronged approach is absolutely the best way to go when planning your marketing strategy. So by all means, leave no rock unturned. Certainly don’t underestimate the effectiveness of direct mail!

And when you need a partner to get that bulk mailing, order fulfillment, or postcard offer out to your eager audience, call on CITYMAIL USA to handle your campaign from start to finish!

Guy Zaccardi