From the UK to the USA and Back Again: International Mail Inspires Young Authors

United Kingdom, England Mailing, Canada Mailing to USA

Twice a year, we look forward to a mailing from the United Kingdom that’s inspiring kids all over the U.S. to pick up a pen and write!

From a picturesque village in England, the pallets arrive stacked full of envelopes. What’s inside? Booklets filled with colorful illustrations and writing prompts catered to elementary and high school students. These are part of a nationwide short story contest aimed at inspiring our next generation of young writers. Teachers at schools all over the USA receive these booklets. In fact, many schools right here in New England are participants.

From start to finish, we have the pleasure of being the trusted mailer for this contest. First, we supply our U.K. contest runners with a list of suggested schools here in the U.S. Then we label and send each package, ensuring that it reaches it’s intended classroom. Once students start writing, we receive their entries from all over the country and ship them back to the United Kingdom where they can be judged by literary readers. After the contest is over, students and teachers are treated to a compendium of winning entries—which, you guessed it, CITYMAIL ships out!

It’s a fun job with many parts and pieces to carefully look after. So why is it beneficial for a company located in the United Kingdom to use a U.S.A direct mailer? Because the USPS postal rates from England to the United States are more affordable than sending them from Europe. This is why any clients from England (or Canada or anywhere for that matter) wishing to do business or send mail in the United States, should consider the savings from using a U.S. based mailer. Using a mailer located in the U.S. can give your international company access to the United States Postal Service and get you great rates.

We are experienced in handling complex international direct mail and encourage YOU to consider working with us on your next international campaign!

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