What are Residential Mailing Lists?

If you are starting a marketing program, you probably have a target audience in mind. If your audience does not include businesses, but is focusing on a residential area instead, you will need residential lists in order to get your information to the people you plan to target. There are several ways to do this, but residential lists are the option that makes the most sense.

We can prepare your list for you and make sure that your newsletter, or whatever form of advertising you require is delivered to the list for a fraction of the price it could cost from someone else. In some cases, the creation and delivery of your newsletter to the target audience will cost less than fifteen cents per delivery. When you consider that all you really have to do is give us the information or template to work from, that’s a pretty great deal for your company.  Imagine how much business you will be able to gain from this type of inexpensive direct mail marketing.