International Mailing


We are living in a global economy which grows more sophisticated year by year. Any company or organization looking to be a contender in the world market must tap into the potential that lies in international mailing.

That’s where CITYMAIL comes in.

We can help you understand your options for international direct mail marketing. You’ve got a great product or mailing project—all you need is for it to reach your clients.

Navigating the postal system of one’s own country can be difficult enough, never mind trying to get a mailing over seas and across borders. CITYMAIL understands local, national, AND foreign postal regulations.

We have been pioneers in international direct mail for years: international nonprofit mailing, fulfillment, and direct mail marketing. Whether you are mailing from the United States to countries abroad, or are located abroad and you’d like to reach clients in the U.S. market—we can assist you!

International mailing can be costly compared to domestic mailing and there are many unforeseen problems which can arise with bulk international mail. Fortunately, CITYMAIL has the expertise to cover all the details.

It’s important to use a professional mailer for many reasons, but here are just a few reasons to choose CITYMAIL as your professional international direct mailer. We can help you:

  • Calculate and reduce extra shipping costs associated with international mail

  • Navigate international mail customs and ensure that all paperwork is properly completed

  • Avoid returns by implementing strict quality control for your international fulfillment orders

  • Handle international mail returns in the event that a customer does decide to return your product, we handle all aspects of return processing.

  • Mediate any unforeseen holdups or additional information/paperwork that may be required for your international mail


  • Address update - CITYMAIL offers an "Address Update" program that will standardize your foreign databases

  • Lower postage - CITYMAIL can reduce your foreign postage significantly.

When you consider foreign direct mail, consider CITYMAIL.

We’ve got you covered from here to Timbuktu (and beyond!)