Frequently Asked Questions

How can I save money using CITYMAIL?

We now use the Intelligent barcode which can reduce your first class postage to as low as 37¢.

I'm a non-profit, how can I save more?

We can tell you how to get those low postage rates. You can even use our permit and save hundreds of dollars.

What is barcoding?

We create a barcode using our software. It speeds delivery and saves postage.

Do I need a mailing permit?

On most occasions you can use the CITYMAIL permit-even if you are a non-profit.


What size Postcard is easiest to mail?

A small postcard can be mailed for only 28¢ postage whereas one designed too large may cost 60¢ postage. Call us before you print!

How do I set up my design for mailing?

USPS regulations have gotten stricter in the last 5 years. Show us a proof before you go to press and avoid paying extra postage.

How should I submit my mailing lists?

Excel is preferred but we can work with most programs. Try to avoid labels as they will delay mailing and usually increase postage.

How should I submit my artwork?

To ensure the best quality, send us an e-mail or call and describe your mailing piece. We will advise the best method to use.


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