Political Campaign Mailing

When you want a well-established, local mailer to handle your political mailing, call on CITYMAIL!

CITYMAIL is the not-for-profit expert in direct mailing, but did you know we’ve also been handling political campaign mailings for decades? We offer an all-in-one service to our local politicians. Design, print, mailing lists, and direct mailing.

Your local community wants to know about YOU! Help them decide on their vote with colorful, informative campaign materials mailed directly to their door.


Informative Printed Media

Postcards, folded cards, pamphlets, letters, brochures, flyers, booklets, door hangers—we can handle all your informational mailings for your political campaign and we can get you the best pricing available. Let us print, store, and mail your campaign media.


Invitations & Fundraising

Get a great turnout at your next rally or fundraiser. With our automated mail-merging, you can send colorful, personalized letters and invitations based on any demographic, location or specified list.


Personalized Campaign Swag

Thank your supporters and campaign donors with a gift of custom swag displaying your campaign logo. Whether it be as simple as a sticker or button, or as complex as a gift bag. We can store, compile, and send all your materials as they’re needed.

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